"Which jersey do you want? The blue one, green one, or purple one?"

At the time, I had no idea how much of an impact that question would have on my life. I was roughly around six years old, maybe slightly younger. My mom took my brother and I to go get our first football jerseys. At the time, I was living in Minnesota. My friends and family were Viking fans for the most part. On top of that, my favorite color was blue. All things should have lead me to being either a Cowboys or Vikings fan. Me becoming a Green Bay Packer fan was destiny. I went with a beautiful dark green #4 jersey.  he ol' Gunslinger. I wore that thing everywhere. Living in Minnesota while rocking a Packer jersey definitely made for some interesting moments; I had a lot of class mates giving me grief for not liking the Vikings. It didn't matter to me, I just kept wearing my Brett Favre jersey. Things really took a change after January 26, 1997. I watched my team beat the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XXXI. It's a day that I'll always remember, not only because my team won the Super Bowl but because my older brother (who initially selected the blue jersey, but later decided he preferred the team that wears purple) cried when the Packers won because he was so upset.


Fast forward a few years later and I ended up moving to Wisconsin. It was nice to finally live in a place where being a Packer fan was more accepted, I was no longer the minority.  My dream was to always go to a game at Lambeau Field. My dad and brother are Viking fans, so going to Lambeau Field wasn't likely, especially living closer to the Metrodome than Lambeau Field. Finally, in 2009 my dream came true. My friend and I decided it was time for both of us to see a game in person at beautiful Lambeau Field. We snagged tickets to see the Packers take on the 49ers on November 22, 2009. My friend, Tom, and I were so excited to be able to spend a weekend in Titletown. We wanted to indulge in everything Green Bay had to offer. You know where we ended up eating? Hardee's. Not that there's anything wrong with Hardee's, but we were there to indulge in the Green Bay experience. So why did we choose Hardee's? The main issue we had was that everything by Lambeau Field at the time was chain restaurants. We were dumb tourists that didn't know our way around Green Bay, so we stayed close to Lambeau Field.  Thankfully I've had opportunities to redeem myself and the Green Bay experiences I've had, but a lot aren't that lucky.


In 2015, my dream came true to a whole new level. I moved to Green Bay. From the moment I stepped foot in Green Bay, I knew that is where I wanted to reside. Since I've moved here, I've noticed more and more people asking me for the insider information on where to go in Green Bay. One thing I really enjoy is helping people get the most of their trip to Lambeau Field since I dropped the ball on mine before I lived here. This was my main reason for creating the Green Bay Guy pages as well as The Green Bay Guy website. I want to allow those that are coming to Green Bay to experience the hidden gems this beautiful city has to offer. Green Bay is a special city, I want everyone who comes here to realize that. Feel free to ask me any questions if you're planning a trip here. Oh, and one last thing... Go Pack Go!


Want to hear my full story? Feel free to check out my episode of The Green Bay Narrative.


-Ben / The Green Bay Guy

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